What We Do

Maximize Everyone Advantage To Be Success


Gather the group of people who have passion to build some interesting mobile applications or websites.


Open up for discussion in the group to receive some valuable opinions from others.


Provide you a chance to look for the professional partner to fill into the role you need in the team.

Our Story

Our Story

We are a small group of people have passions to build something creative and interesting. We tried on different way to put our project goes live and met a lots of problems in terms of times, skills and work force. After the a period of time, we found that looking for a suitable team member have the same goals and passionate is very hard. Thus, we decide to come out a platform to let everyone like us have the chances to know more passionate people and build something together. So [NinetyApps] has come out to assists you!

Looking for a team to create something interesting?

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  • Welcome to NinetyApps.my

    Welcome to NinetyApps.my! Glad to know you are interested on this platform. We are creating a platform to gather the innovative people to do something interesting! 🙂 If you have any idea to build  something but don’t know how/where to start, or you are alone working on a big project, or you need someone who […]

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